Mobile endless runner and virtual pet simulator Don-Ay: Pet Land makes it easy to have fun and do good. Enjoy yourself and challenge your friends while saving animals.

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In Don-Ay: Pet Land, your pets dream of running across beautiful  landscapes – showing off their magic powers!


Look after your pets: You can feed, cuddle, clothe, and keep them happy!


In Don-Ay: Pet Land, every in-game action – whether just playing the game or making a purchase in the store – generates a donation to Best Friends Animal Society!


Don-Ay: Pet Land is an endless runner and virtual pet simulator where every action – playing or buying from the store – generates a donation in the real world! Give homeless pets outside of the game a “forever home” in this cute runner by cuddling, feeding, bathing and grooming your virtual pet. Run through each level and avoid obstacles with an innovative one-button control scheme. If you’re a great owner, your pet will be happier – and you’ll unlock the ability to rewind time! Play Don-Ay: Pet Land and help real pets in the real world – FREE on the App Store and Google Play!


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Selected 2017

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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At the moment, we can’t determine with precision how much every single player generates due to the constant variations in advertising revenue. We are working to improve this. Your Don-Ay Points will give you the real measure of the impact that you’re making by playing the game.

Go to the Best Friends Animal Society area in the main menu and tap the “Adopt” button! Remember that Best Friends deals only with adoption requests from within the U.S. and Canada. But don’t worry! Even if you can’t adopt, you can still play and generate donations 🙂

Tap the orange icon in the lower right corner of the screen and continue tapping when prompted to learn about Best Friends Animal Society and Affinity Project’s mission to save abandoned pets.

In addition to opening and sharing gifts, you can also pet, feed, clothe, and bathe your pet. There are four different food items at the same cost (200) to satisfy your pet.

Each day you play, you can obtain a reward – and you’ll also receive three different challenges! The more  challenges you complete, the more prizes you will win. Additional rewards are available when you open a gift box.

Tip: Don’t forget to keep an eye on the gift timer for free surprises!

There are three types of meters: hunger, happiness, and luck.  Do the following to fill each meter:


  • Hunger:  Just drag food to your pet! As your pet eats, its hunger meter will fill until it’s completely full.
  • Happiness: Drag your finger back and forth across your pet. The more you pet it, the happier it will be!
  • Luck: Give your pet a shower to increase your pet’s luck! Just touch and drag the sponge to your pet and swipe it back and forth to scrub until it’s all soapy. Put the sponge back on the shelf and tap the showerhead. Once your pet is well rinsed, tap the showerhead again to turn it off.

Tip: Check out our “Ways to Level Up” Guide on YouTube!

You can increase your pet’s XP in several ways:

  • Completing all daily challenges
  • Opening a gift box
  • Earning achievements


You can always increase XP through actions throughout the game, such as visiting any Dreamworld – and petting, feeding or bathing your pet!

You can enjoy the endless runner game mode by going to the main menu and tapping the dog house, where your pet can go to sleep and visit one of the Dreamworlds.

There are currently four different Dreamworlds: Countryside, Desert, Space, and Snowy Peaks. Unlock each one and let your pet run endlessly through them!

In each Dreamworld, you can collect coins and power-ups, dodge enemies, and aim for a high score with “endless runner” gameplay. The farther you “travel” in a Dreamworld, the higher your score! In each Dreamworld, a hit from an enemy takes away one heart. When all hearts are gone, the game is over!

Tip: Be sure to follow the coins. They often lead you around obstacles …

Coins can be used in the Shop and in the Journal to purchase a wide range of items – including new pets for adoption, increased power-ups, outfits, accessories, and food.

Tip: Check out our “Smart Food Purchases” Guide on YouTube!

Lifting your finger slows down the gameplay until you tap and hold on-screen again. When the Rewind icon is present in any Dreamworld, drag left to rewind the game for a few seconds.

Tip: Use the Dreamworld’s Rewind feature to your advantage. For example, rewind when you only have one heart left. Miss a bunch of coins? Rewind and try again. Check out our “Rewinding Time” Guide on YouTube!

From the main menu or inside the house, tap the suitcase in the upper right corner to access the Shop. Here, you can spend coins to purchase outfits for your pet – including various types of hats, shirts and shoes. Note that some outfits require your bond with your pet to be at a certain level to purchase (e.g., Pirate outfit requires Level 20). You can tap a piece of clothing to try it out. If you don’t own the piece, a price will appear below your pet. Tap it to bring up the purchase confirmation window. If you already own an outfit piece, selecting it will automatically equip it. The honey jar allows you to spend money to purchase in-game coins. These are the same coins that can be earned through the Dreamworld. You can exit the shop by tapping the X in the upper right corner.

Tip: Outfits can be purchased with discounts if all three pieces match (e.g., selecting three knight costume parts will unlock a 20% discount for the whole outfit). Check out our “Outfit Discounts” Guide on YouTube!

Tap the book icon in the lower left corner to open the Journal. This is the heart and soul of your journey: It tracks your pet’s status, Dreamworld scores, and achievements:


  • Page 1: Rename your pet and see your pet’s stats in your currently selected Dreamworld.
  • Page 2: Adopt another pet and swap between both, unlock other Dreamworlds, and select your desired level for each Dreamworld’s endless runner challenges.
  • Page 3:  Spend coins to upgrade power-ups in the Dreamworld; every upgrade increases the duration of each buff.
  • Page 4: View and access information about all achievements earned throughout the game – and also track special and “one-time” achievements.
  • Page 5: Keep track of your high scores in the Dreamworld – and change your display name.

Page 6: View rewards for reaching different levels.

There are four different power-ups in each of the Dreamworlds: Dash, Shield, Magnet, and Gold Rush. Here are the features of each power-up:


  • Dash: Fly forward at incredible speeds – bypassing obstacles and enemies!
  • Shield: Avoid damage for a limited time.
  • Gold Rush: Coins appear more frequently – and each upgrade also increases the number of coins that spawn.

Tip: Check out our “Power-Up Upgrades” Guide on YouTube!


Affinity Project is an ambitious game development studio based in Italy comprised of young professionals who strive to make the world a better place.


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